Motorcycle trips

A past trip – the autumn of 2006!

At last the time has come to write down all the journeys we’ve done so far…

Of course I’ll start with the first motorcycle trip I’ve ever done.

I bought my first motorcycle in the summer of 2006 – Suzuki Bandit 250 from Lovech (a picturesque town in Central Bulgaria). My friend Simo was there with me and the only thing missing after the purchase was a plan for our first journey. Of course, after just buying a new motorcycle I couldn’t do anything else but riding it and the feeling was awesome and also addictive. I’ve ridden a lot in Varna (my home town) and its outskirts with other biker fellows, until the prospect of a bit longer journey across Bulgaria got mature enough in our minds.

This is the route in short: Varna – Russe - Veliko TarnovoTrayvnaGabrovoShipkaKazanlak – Sliven – Burgas – Varna.

And here is the map to it:


A useful link.

Recently, as I was in Germany for a while, I came across a web page giving a lot of information about motorcycle trips in Austria that I’m pretty sure will be useful for anyone who wants to travel in the Alps. From the web site you can order a map of Austria for free, including sample motorcycle routes, as well as a very useful accommodation guide featuring hotels along the sample routes. There are 3 categories of hotels in the guide:

1. Hotels whose owners are also bikers, who even might join you on your trip or at least provide you with great tips. Those hotels offer among the other things also a service for your bikes.
2. Hotels that expect bikers but whose owners aren’t. Though, they still can give you useful information about the route and everything and there are also suitable parking areas for your bikes.
3. Just hotels suitable for all kinds of guests, not especially bikers, which still provide a nice atmosphere.

The guide features more than 50 hotels with given location, GPS coordinates, prices, etc.

And here there is the link to the web page:

Varna - Irakli - Chudnite skali 20007

 Actually this was rather a walk than a real trip. It’s always like that at the beginning of the season – you just want to ride as much as you can. But I remember that we had a lot of work then and not much time to make trips. Anyway, I just wanted to ride...and so it was – thanks to the girls, of course . One day, as we were working on a roof in Druzhba, they called me to announce that they are going to the beach of Irakli to collect some taint in the late spring sun and camp there in the night. It must have been Friday or Saturday because on the next day the people from our climbing club were supposed to be at one of our most favorite spots – Chudnite skali. I didn’t have to think it twice – the phone call was enough. I was very eager to start the Bandit and could hardly wait until the end of the day. After we finished in the afternoon I packed the most important stuff for 5 min and was on my way. Here is the route:
Varna – Irakli – Chudnite skali – Varna = 260 km